Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio Geral do Taguspark


Promote the academic integration of IST students on the Taguspark campus and provide the necessary support to promote activities carried out on the campus. Support the Vice President for Campus Management in order to provide services to internal and external users in their competence areas.

  • 16 of Jan.
  • 2019

Scholarship for scientific research

From January 16th to 22nd, the applications for a scholarship for scientific research for the Taguspark General Support Unit are open.
This scholarship, lasting 7 months, will have a monthly remuneration of € 385.00 and will aim to support the dissemination activities within the scope of the Taguspark …

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  • 18 of Sep.
  • 2018

BeTécnico Initiative

BeTécnico is an initiative of Instituto Superior Técnico, in partnership with FNAC, with the aim of promoting the integration, involvement and active participation of new students in academic life. By participating in these activities you can win several prizes by collecting the Stamps in your …

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