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School Group Visits

Taguspark Campus has a program prepared for visits by students from High Schools that addresses some of the areas of Computer Engineering, Telecommunications and Electronics. A language that is accessible to this target audience is used.

The visits, free of charge, have a typical duration of 2 hours, structured in modules (listed below), each module having a typical duration of 30 minutes. Each visit is organized for a maximum of 60 students (2 classes), due to the limitations of space in the laboratories.

Visits must be sheduled at least one month in advance of the desired date using the form available on this page. Confirmation of the day and time of each visit, as well as the modules included, are sent in advance.


Available Modules

Internet Cybersecurity

This module will address some Internet security issues. Demonstrations of security attacks will be made, and how these attacks can be prevented and resolved will be explained. In particular, the attack on a fictitious bank will be simulated. It will also show attacks that are happening in real time on the Internet.

Computational Processing of the Portuguese Language

In this module, developed in collaboration with the Laboratory of Speech Language Systems of INESC-ID, applications based on the Portuguese Language (spoken and written) are shown. Demonstrations such as VITHEA, a virtual therapist for aphasia situations, and VITHEA-Kids, are available for children’s vocabulary development, taking into account the special needs of autistic children.

Games Laboratory

In this module, visitors can experience the games developed in the activities of the Games Laboratory. Games are created by students in the disciplines of the area of ​​specialization, in game jams or master thesis. We provide 4 or 5 games per visit, allowing to divide the visit into 4 or 5 small groups, most of which are multiplayer games.

Interactive Virtual Reality and Visualization

In this module, the potentialities that interactive technologies can bring to 3D drawing are shown: to navigate the high seas on an oil platform or how virtual reality can help the daily routine radiologists and surgeons.

Satellites and Space Technology

In this module, the satellite tracking center is shown. A brief presentation of the ISTsat-1 project with the satellite mock-up (CubeSat ISTsat-1) and an explanation of its basic functionalities are presented. An episode of screening and communication is demonstrated with a satellite (if there is a favorable passage).

Marine and Air Robotics Systems

In this module, a set of demonstrations is carried out illustrating systems and methodologies used in robotics, namely sensors, control and communications. Examples of applications are given in marine and air robotic systems, namely: autonomous / teleoperated hybrid undersea vehicle to be immersed in a tank; autonomous surface vehicle operating on the surface in remote mode; optical modems in demo mode transmitting images.

Group of Intelligent Agents and Synthetic Characters (GAIPS)

GAIPS demonstrations are related to autonomous and intelligent agents that can be embedded in virtual, physical, or even virtual reality environments. The scenarios are educational and / or entertaining. The objective is to show the interdisciplinarity that this research group explores, from advanced techniques in the area of ​​artificial intelligence to the integration of social models proposed by the area of ​​psychology (eg, emotions).


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