Instituto Superior Técnico

Núcleo de Apoio Geral do Taguspark

About NCEP

NCEP’s main function is to support the Vice President for the Management of the Taguspark Campus by providing services to internal and external users in their areas of competence.


NCEP’s mission is based essentially on the following objectives:

  • Carry out actions to promote the School and its educational programs to Highschool;
  • Promote the most relevant activities developed on the Taguspark campus;
  • Organization and events support;
  • Support for mobility students on the Taguspark campus;
  • Promote the integration of students in the Taguspark campus by supporting all kinds of initiatives that contribute to an effective involvement of the academic community;
  • Management of the contents of the social networks of the Taguspark campus guaranteeing its organization, updating and coherence;
  • Contribute for the preparation of activity plans and reports.


Areas of expertise:

The main activities of NCEP can be agregated in three specific areas of action:

  1. Reception, Integration and Accompaniment, in particular the new students of the 1st year, foreign students, among other new students on campus, through the implementation of the Mentoring Program;
  2. Promotion and Admission, through the organization of study visits to the campus and visits to Highschools, aimed at candidates for superior education, as well as participation in fairs. For more information visit the section Promotion;
  3. Support and organization of events and its promotion, NCEP offers a set of resources that allow greater efficiency and harmony in the management of numerous tasks.